Feature overview

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Save text and links to Instapaper inside your inbox!

One great article can change the world.

Millions save articles into Instapaper every single day, from long articles, useful videos, to short reads. Instapaper has become a routine tool for many to help learn more and keep updated with the world’s news.

Here’s how you can add tasks directly from Newton to your Instapaper and read wherever you are.

  • On your mobile device/Mac hit the 3 horizontal dots next to an email
  • Hit Instapaper and sign into or create your Instapaper account
  • Once set-up, simply save the email into Instapaper
  • If you have multiple articles/links, you can choose what to save.
  • Hit “add save” and we’ll send the content straight over to Instapaper.
  • Bonus: Highlight some text, right click and “add to Instapaper”

Here’s how everything works on mobile and desktop, starting with desktop:

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Click an email. Newton will detect the media and save it to your Instapaper
Save text to Instapaper to read later
Save any media in your emails straight to Instapaper

Here’s how Instapaper and Newton work on mobile:

We introduced the Instapaper integration in the last few weeks and found users love this feature for saving important links, right from their Inbox. Let us know how you like the Instapaper integration in the comments.