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I have found it inconvenient to come across a research paper while surfing the web and not be able to quickly download the paper to the Ipad without leaving Safari.  With the help of a colleague, we figured out that GoodReader offers some code to create a bookmark that you can place on your Safari bookmark bar that will allow one-touch download from any web page. Now, when I come across a pdf/doc/other document on the web that I want to save, I just touch my GoodReader bookmark and the file immediately downloads and opens in GoodReader.

To create the GoodReader bookmark for placement on the Safari bookmark bar requires a few steps:

Step 1: Open GoodReader; click the gear on the bottom toolbar (this is settings); choose “General Settings”; then click the big, green bar that says “Put special address to clipboard”. When you do this, you are copying a special line of code that you will paste in Safari in Step 3.

Step 2: Now leave GoodReader and Open Safari.  This is the tricky park. Create a random bookmark and place on your bookmark bar by clicking the + and clicking add bookmark. For me, I just created a bookmark for cnn.com.

Step 3: Now you are going to edit the random bookmark with GoodReader code. To do this, click the bookmark button at the top of Safari. This will bring up the bookmarks box; then click Bookmark Bar; then click the Edit button.  Now choose the bookmark just you randomly created (in my case cnn.com).  You are now going to change it to become a GoodReader bookmark. I changed the name to “GoodReader” and the important part: click the link and delete it; now paste what you copied in step 1 for the link. Then exit.

You now should have a bookmark called GoodReader on the bookmark bar. Anytime you are surfing and come across a document you want to download, just touch the GoodReader bookmark and it will automatically download and open in GoodReader.  I find this very convenient.

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